Pro Staff 2023

Tom Boley

Tom Boley

Hometown – Hayward , WI

Favorite Body of Water to Fish – Leech Lake

Favorite Church Tackle Product – TX-22 Planer Board

Why – The TX-22 allow me to run a large efficiently with both spinners and cranks. The lock jaw clips are amazing at keeping your board in place. The whole package with the double action flag makes this my favorite planer board.


Kent Andersen

Hometown – Amery, WI

Favorite Body of Water to Fish – Lake Mille Lacs

Favorite Church Tackle Product – TX-12 Mini Board paired w/Mini Flag System

Why – The TX-12 Mini Board paired w/the Flag System is my #1 choice when pulling open water spinners.  The TX-12 pull with ease and when paired with the flag system you will detect the lightest of bites from those finicky walleyes.  Now if you are into pulling crankbaits over structure you will want a set of TX-22 in your boat with the TX-22's being perfectly balanced they are unbeatable when staling baits out over those sweet spots where the walleyes like to live.


Ken Clark

Ken Clark - Fishmas Charters

Location – Grand Rapids, MI

Favorite Fishing Spot - Lake Erie

Favorite Church Tackle Product - TX-12

Why - As a Charter Captain, the Church Tackle Company TX-12 mini planer is a key tool when trolling for Lake Erie Walleye. Paired with Stingray Diving Weights, my folks quickly are able to hone in on fish both on the bottom and suspended. Easy to use and ‘error proof’. The perfect combination!  

Captain Bryan Buist

Hometown: Ravenna, MI

Favorite Body of Water to Fish: Mullett Lake (Inland)

Favorite Church Tackle Product: TX-12

Why:  The simplicity of the TX-12 make it easy for clients to use. The bites are highly detectable even with small fish and weeds on the line. Their size and light weight eliminating the question if there is a fish on the line. They are also very affordable. I have found the TX-12 can handle anything a walleye angler is looking for with the capability to use run full size crank baits with snap weights and crawler harnesses with weight up to 3 ounces. 


Mitch Daun

Hometown – Manitowoc, WI

Favorite Body of Water to Fish – Door County, WI

Favorite Church Tackle Product – TX-12 w/ Mini Lock-Jaw Clips

Why – The TX-12 Mini Planer is simple and versatile.  They are easy to store, use, and read on the water. I use them without flags, but a flag system can easily be added to the boards.  Pairing the board with the Mini Lock-Jaw clip gives me that added confidence of no line slippage with my braid and monofilament set ups.  


Brian Erler

Hometown – Reed City, MI

Favorite Body of Water to Fish –Detroit River/Lake Erie

Favorite Church Tackle Product – TX-22 w Double action flag kit

Why – One board to do everything I need from trolling for crappy, salmon or Walleye.  One easy adjustment to the back of the board and you are fishing with whatever you have in your box, cranks, spoons, crawler harnesses or plugs.  It can do it all.



Joe Kranc 

Hometown – Saint John, IN

Favorite Body of Water to Fish – Lake Michigan 

Favorite Church Tackle Product – walleye board 

Why – We love the versatility of the walleye board it is capable of pulling a flat line up to a 450 copper and everything in between!


Captain Art Panfil

Hometown – Richfield, Ohio

Favorite Body of Water to Fish – Lake Erie

Favorite Church Tackle Product – The Walleye Board outfitted with the Lock-Jaw Clip.

Why – Our nonprofit organization welcomes a variety of different people on board, many of whom have never caught a walleye or been on Lake Erie before. The combination of the fully adjustable Church Tackle In-Line “Walleye Board” in conjunction with their no slip “Lock-Jaw Clip” provides a fast and easy way for our participants to learn, use, operate, and most importantly- catch fish consistently. This highly dependable, ultra efficient, and deadly Board and Clip combination is a must have for all walleye anglers.