TX-44 Super Planer Board (#30610)


The TX-44 Super Planer is designed for using drop weights, heavy, hard pulling lures, or even with Dipsy Divers®, Jet Divers®, Slide Divers®, Dive Bombs® and Torpedo Divers®. This is just what the salmon, striper, muskie, northern and walleye fishermen have been asking for. The TX-44 can handle lead core, copper or wire lines along with one-pound of weight, but it can also be used with mono. The size of the TX-44 makes it harder for fish to pull the board under, yet easy to retrieve. The TX-44 is right at home at higher trolling speeds.

• 14” L x 4-1/16” W
• 2-in-1 Board Clip
• Spring-loaded Retaining Pin
• Flag System


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