TX-22 Special Planer Board -Fully Assembled (#30590 & #30589)


This includes all the great features of the TX-22 Special, but comes fully assembled with a Double Action Flag System and a EZ Store.  Ready to fish right out of the package!

The TX-22 Special sets upright even without forward motion, giving it the ability to troll very slowly without restricting performance at higher speeds. The TX-22 Special is also reversible--the same board can be set for port or starboard use. THIS IS THE MOST PERFECTLY BALANCED PLANER BOARD ON THE MARKET

• 9-¼" L x 3-3/16" W
• 2-in-1 Board Clip
• Spring-loaded Retaining Pin
• Flag System

*Please note we are currently in process of printing boards with the new logo. Our current stock is still our classic logo. It is possible that orders may ship with classic logo design on planer boards*

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