The Walleye Board #30110 and #40100


The Walleye Board is 10” long, 3 ½ ” wide with an adjustable keel weight that keeps the nose of the board tracking in the water even when using deep-diving plugs or heavy weights. The catamaran shape minimizes diving and flying when trolling upwind or hitting a large wave at higher speeds. The bright fluorescent red color makes it easy to see. Made in the USA of non-corrosive materials suitable for saltwater use.  It has a lightweight clip made of glass filled, super tough nylon, making it flexible, and has replaceable pads. The 2 in 1 Board Clip can be easily changed from the standard clip to a Vice Clip. The standard clip can be adjusted to release from the line. The Vice Clip will not release. A spring loaded retaining pin holding the line in a groove at the rear of the board is assurance that your board can’t come off. Just pull the pin with one hand when removing the board. Anglers may set the 2 in 1 Board Clip light enough so that strikes pull the line free; the rear pin holds the board on the line as it slides back to a swivel tied two feet in front of the lure.

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Type: Planer Boards

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