5 3/4" White


Our unique design makes The Mini Revelator ® flashers, head and shoulders, above the rest. The fish like shape, 3D eyes and flashy WTP ® tape make it appear as a feeding fish. The appearance, vibration and sound will attract fish from long distances. The unique body design and the offset rear fin rotators make each rotation different giving it that lifelike appeal. There are two attachment holes in the rear and two in the front which give you a wider range of actions to choose from. This will give your flies, spoons, and other fine lures the extra action you need to catch the "big one". The Revelator ® also works great with our new cut bait head, The Shock Wave ®. We use a high quality coast-lock stainless steel ball bearing swivel on the front and stainless steel coast-lock swivel on the back to enhance fly and lure attraction.New feature, choose new style for added flash with spinners or original style. Spinners available on all colors(For a limited time at no extra cost)

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